Patient Testimonials

Ella Lanzieri

30 years ago, while at work, I got a pain in the left side of my head and face. The pain was so bad that it brought me to my knees.

I got excruciating pain every day and night, as often as two or three times. I had pain filled days and sleepless nights. It changed my life. My husband took me to several different doctors over the years. I was diagnosed differently by each of them. One doctor said I had diseased jaw bone and operated on my jaw once a week. I got worse.

I also was diagnosed with TMJ and wore mouth guards for a period of time which did not help and the pain seemed to worsen as time went by.

In desperation, I went to the new England Headache Center in Connecticut where I was correctly diagnosed with cluster headaches. However after five years of being an out-patient and traveling back-and-forth for treatment and given different medications that had terrible side effects, I still got no relief. I used oxygen every night to lessen the pain. I felt so physically ill and continued to have pain.

January 2010, I was still suffering the effects of these cluster headaches. I was taking so much medication that my face and throat swelled. I was frightened and beside myself and went off all meds. At this point, I gave up all hope of ever being helped or hopefully cured.

My son strongly recommended I see Dr. Andy which turned out to be the best advice I got. I became a patient of Dr. Andy in March 2010. My headaches began to decrease to one or two attacks a month and now in the last six months, I have had only two headaches.

I can't tell you what it is like to be pain-free. Thanks to Dr. Andy my quality of life has improved immensely. God bless him.



Maryann Specht

On October 1, 2010, I was in a car accident. I first went to a nonspecific, local chiropractor with no results. Then I went to an orthopedic doctor who took x-rays but gave me no MRI. He just prescribed therapy for five months, still there were no major results.

After seeing the results, the insurance company sent me for an MRI. Then I went to Dr Andy Forelli who read the MRI and saw major dislocated discs in my neck and back. He then started testing me with thermographic equipment before he would adjust me. He tested me for a month and a half before he even started to adjust me. My symptoms consisted of dizziness, migraines, sinus clogging, severe lower back pain, neck pain along with stiffness and numbness in my arms, confusion, depression and loss of mental function. Dr. Forelli then start an adjustment plan called upper cervical specific.

After my first upper cervical adjustment while I was resting after it for one hour I started to feel my lungs expand with oxygen rushing in. I was still a little foggy but after the hour I started to feel clear, that my brain was working and I realize that I could move my neck all the way to the right, which I couldn't do before. I couldn't believe the difference already, with just one adjustment.

Then I had my second adjustment, I was able to move my neck all the way to the left side now. My confusion went away, numbness in my arms was gone. I don't feel as depressed anymore, my lower back pain is finally subsiding, and the dizziness has gone away 90% of the time.

I can't believe the difference in this adjustment and how good it makes me feel. I know I still have a long way to go but having this improvement makes everything else feel better, and I know there is hope.

Thanks to Dr. Andy I am able to feel better and know that I am on my way to better health. I travel over 45 minutes, three times a week to see him because I know it is well worth the trip.



Lila Corwin

We started going to Dr. Andy when my son was three. His allergies were off the chart for such a little guy, always wet in the nose which brought on numerous infections. Traditional medicine response was continued escalation of antibiotics. He was already on the heavy artillery when a friend recommended chiropractic treatment for ear infections. Absolutely!

Dr. Andy began regular adjustments of my son who now 15 hasn't had an ear infection since... No kidding. His head just dried up. Dr. Andy made a comment that while he couldn't change the allergies, he could affect how our bodies handle the symptoms.

And equally amazing is my own story, started treatment with Dr. Andy at the same time as my son. I too, had terrible sinus trouble with infection, ruptured ear drums and lost hearing, so I didn't mention any of this to Dr. Andy. As a first-time patient I lay quietly on the table while he ran his hands along my spine. His first words were "you have sinus trouble don't you?" He had the confidence of a statement not a question he went on to describe my symptoms, ticking them off down the list like I was visiting a psychic. "His intuitive sense of the body is what makes his care so special. Technique is taught in school, what Dr. Andy brings to the table brings it to a Higher level"

PS. I never had another sinus infection either. Thank you Dr. Andy!



Joanne Sheeler

Prior to meeting with Dr. Andy I suffered from severe lower back pain. For 5 years I suffered with the pain, on a scale of 1-10 the pain was definitely a 10. Even after multiple epidurals the pain just would not subside. Everyday was a struggle to move, bend, stand, resulting in a restrictive and painful existence. I sought help by seeing a physical therapist which didn’t help; also, I was given epidurals which only temporarily relieved the pain. I always used chiropractors, as I was a tennis instructor. A friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Andy.

My first experience in the office was very pleasant. There was a great pace, and the staff was efficient and extremely friendly. After realizing exactly what chiropractic is, and how it relived pressure off of my nerves I understood why nothing else was working for me. After just 2 visits my pain was completely gone!




For 30 years I suffered from extremely painful headaches and neck pain. There were times when my headaches had gotten so bad I barley had a life. I tried so many different things such as drugs, acupuncture, even botox! Nothing seemed to be able to relieve my severe headaches. A friend of mine recommended chiropractic care to help with my issues. They told me about Dr. Andy and how much he helped them, so I made an appointment.

My first visit Dr. Andy and his staff made me feel so comfortable and they were all so friendly, it was a great feeling. 5 weeks after my first session I noticed my headaches were gone and my neck pain had subsided. My adjustments relieved pressure off of the spinal nerves; therefore, relieving my headaches. Once I started feeling better I assumed I no longer needed adjustment; however, after just one month of skipping treatment my headaches were back and it was obvious to me just how important being adjusted really is. I’m now back in the office numerous times a week, off medications and my health is always improving!




My son Nikko who is now 12 years old, has been suffering from spring allergies since he was a baby. He usually needs several medications to get through the spring months. Last year was his worst year yet. Once spring was over I thought he would recover and feel better like he usually does. His symptoms never got better. He had a stuffy, runny nose all during summer. Again his symptoms returned in October and just never got better. He suffered all through the holidays. I couldn't believe how terrible my son was feeling and for almost the whole year. He was always congested and on medications. I continually took him to his allergist and pediatrician and nothing seemed to alleviate his symptoms.

At the beginning of this year a friend had told me about Dr. Andy and how he had helped her family. We started visiting Dr. Andy the beginning of February. Within one week my husband and I could not believe the significant change in Nikko's health. His symptoms were gone. The congestion cleared up, he was feeling great and had so much more energy.

Here we are and it is spring again and Nikko has never felt better!



Al Berlingieri

Numbing of arm due to Disc problems gone with Specific Chiropractic

I’m 56 and self-employed. I sell auto parts and drive 250-300 miles per week. I lift, bend, stretch and walk as part of my job. I’m an active skier, play racquetball and rollerblade.

In January of 1995, my right arm started to go numb. I saw a chiropractor for 4-5 months but only got partial relief. My son is a chiropractor and he tried different treatments, but nothing helped completely. In July, I went for an MRI of my neck which showed I had 2 herniated discs and one bulging disc in my neck along with some arthritic spurs. I tried another chiropractor who thought he could help me, but his treatment didn’t work. My medical doctor wanted to give me pain killers which I would not try. I was recommended to Dr. Andy Forelli by my original chiropractor. Dr. Andy explained his type of adjustment and I went for special X-Rays. I started care with him in September of 1995 and within one or two months and about 10 adjustments, I had no numbness in my arm and no discomfort of any kind.

The adjustment was very different from what I experienced. I now see

Dr. Andy once a month. He scans my neck with a special instrument and I only get adjusted when needed. I now go 3 months between adjustments and feel great.

I would recommend Upper Cervical Adjustments to anyone with similar condition. Dr. Andy is one of a kind. Four other doctors weren’t able to help me as he has.



Ann Marie Roldan

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression Aided By Spinal Adjustments

In 1985, I became violently ill with an intestinal virus. It was so severe that for two weeks I could not drink water without vomiting. It took another two weeks with a diet of liquids before I was able to be myself again. That is when it all began. I didn’t work outside of my home at the time, so I was not fully aware of the changes in my health.

It wasn’t until 1990 that I began to notice other health problems. I was beginning to show signs of hypoglycemia. I had a job at that time and was beginning to lose days from work. In 1991, I was in bed for three weeks. I was suffering from chronic headaches, brain fog, and hypoglycemia. I was given a strict diet to follow, which I did. By January, 1992 my condition worsened. At this point, I was in bed for three months. I could barely take a shower, I was so fatigued. I had a brain scan and an EEG done. I had seen numerous doctors, such as endocrinologists, Neurologists, and psychiatrists. Of course, it must be in my head, I had a lot on my mind; I was depressed and stressed etc., etc., etc.

Yes, I was depressed. I thought I was dying from some rare disease. I was constantly suffering from fatigue. In November 1994, a friend of mine told me of a doctor that had spoken at the Babylon Public Library on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dr. Forelli was a God send. Finally, I found someone who understood how I was feeling. Everyone has a purpose in life and Dr. Forelli’s is to help people. I have been in Dr. Forelli’s care for almost two years now. My health has changed drastically.

I still have bad days, but they do not last as long as before, thanks to chiropractic care. I am able to function on a daily basis. With the knowledge of his staff and Dr. Forelli’s upbeat personality, I feel I am going to survive.

Dr. Forelli is a man who genuinely cares about people. There should be more people in the world like him. He has given me strength and knowledge regarding my condition and for that I will always be grateful. Dr. Forelli, you are a unique person. Don’t ever change.

Stay the way you are; GREAT!!!!



Ann Millard

Eight to Ten Medications No Help. Suffering Ends With Chiropractic Care

Two and a half years ago, I had pretty much “thrown in the towel” in terms of my health. I was a sixth grade teacher who was obviously exposed to every illness and seemed to catch something each time one of my students was sick. I had literally been feeling ill from September to February and was feeling very depressed and frustrated.

I had been to several doctors, each of whom had diagnosed me with different illness, and prescribed different medications for them. From early December to February, I had been on about eight to ten different medications with no

results. At this point, I pretty much had no life. I was afraid to do anything. Afraid to assert myself too much at work, to go to bed after 9:30 every night, to go out socially on weekends because each time I felt better and did one of those things, I felt horrible again. When we went on vacation, I never felt 100%. My boyfriend was even afraid to make more of a serious commitment because he was worried that my poor health would always keep me afraid to do things even when I was feeling a little better.

Then one day last year, I was talking to my landlord about my frustrations. He was very enthused about chiropractic care and natural healing in general. He mentioned that his girlfriend was also a teacher and had been getting headaches and sore throats a lot. She had been seeing a chiropractor named Dr. Forelli, and her headaches had gone away and her overall health had gotten much better. I was reluctant at first to go, but I thought at this point, I had nothing to lose and would try anything. I made an appointment with Dr. Forelli that week.

When I went to his office, I expected to see what you see at many doctor’s offices; white lab coats, long waits, and that weird smell. I was pleasantly surprised when I entered a relaxed, upbeat office and a young, energetic, upbeat man came out in a pair of jeans and a shirt and introduced himself. Immediately, I was at ease. I started chiropractic care on a regular basis and began to see results immediately, even in regards to things that I did not expect chiropractic to help and problems that I was not aware were bothering me until they got better.

My health that winter was much better than it had been in years. I was still a bit afraid to do things, because that had been my mind-set for so long, but Dr. Forelli always had a positive attitude and made me feel good. As time went on, I realized that my body was now healing itself. Through chiropractic care, the energy and power in my body was being “turned on.” The nerves exiting off my spine which control every area of my body and therefore the health of those areas, were now able to send healthy, full-powered messages to my body. This allowed it to work at it’s full potential. I now had the power to heal, to fight off diseases myself, and to remain healthy. I found that I no longer needed the medications all the time. They were just weakening my system and they didn’t work anyway. Even when I did get sick, which was very little now and only for a short time compared to the “old days”, I knew it was only a temporary thing and I could fight it off on my own.

I know that my life has changed for the better because of chiropractic and Dr. Forelli. I am no longer afraid of my body, but instead have learned the potential for true health that it had and how it can be utilized. I feel l like a normal, whole person again and I am continuing to stay this way with chiropractic care!



Arlene Ritschel

Skeptical No More

One day I woke up with a pain and stiffness that started just under my right ear and went right down my right arm (I could hardly move). I suffered for more than a week with the pain and the stiffness was getting worse. The more I didn’t move, the less I could move. My first visit to Dr. Andy was on June 8, 2005. Never having been to a chiropractor before in my (long) life, I didn’t know what to expect, but doubted that adjusting my spine would do anything to help my neck. BOY WAS I WRONG. I left his office that day without pain and no stiffness. That’s what I said, WITHOUT pain and stiffness.

On that first visit Dr. Andy explained just how the correct alignment of all the vertebrae of your spine affects all the rest of your body and I listened with interest and, must admit, with some skepticism. For more than 7 years, I have suffered with bursitis – I haven’t been able to raise my arms above my head for about 4 years. Just recently, my orthopedist was talking about possible microsurgery on both of my shoulders to give me some relief from the pain. In the meantime, he had prescribed Celebrex and Tylenol with Codeine for when it got too bad. It took 2 visits to Dr. Andy and I can turn my arms like a windmill – LIKE A WINDMILL! !

Am I a believer in Chiropractic? YOU BET I AM ! ! !



Baby Dylan

Uncontrollable Gastric Reflux Terminated

Baby Dylan was constantly throwing up. He had a problem where he couldn’t keep food down and was always throwing it back up. Once he started getting adjusted, his problem went away and his mom got a break from changing his clothes all the time.